Saturday, 27 November 2010

Routine Change

I have stepped up my Lau Gar training and it is having an impact on my other training.  What I need to do is to cut gym time.  I stayed out the gym this week and the recovery advantage was not lost on me.  Some of my forms require pistol-like moves from the ground, and with fresh legs it fells easy and dynamic.  If not fully fresh these moves are laboured.

I think I am going to hit two 'formal' workouts a week, A and B.  But I will have to flavours of workout A and two of workout B.  This means for example, I will only deadlift once every two weeks.

1. Stairgators
2. Barefoot Sprinting
3. Ring Routine
4. Scissor Splits/Cuts
5. 321 (4 fng, Frnt 3, Back 3)
6. Barefoot Kill Carry

1. Wrist Push Ups
2. Rope Climbing
3. Planche
4. Pinch Grip Pull Ups
5. 321 (4 fng, Frnt 3, Back 3)
6. Barefoot Kill Carry

2. Wall Walk : BackBridge : HyperX : Spring Ups
3. Planche Press Ups
4. Ice Cream Makers
5.Four-Way Rotator Cuff

1. RLL
2. One Arm Chins/Lowers, Weighted Chins
3. Pistols
4. HSPU/MBTs/Press
5. L-Sits

I will mix up the exercises, sometimes going for volume, speed or max effort.  I will continue to mix rest times.  The lower number of 'formal' training days should allow for more play (climbing) and also facilitate some 'greasing the groove' on planching (still!) and levers.

I have this need to never miss out an exercise.  I think the exercises I have chosen above cover all bases.  The real trick is getting reps and sets right.  I am off to fire up Excel to work this out.

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