Thursday, 18 November 2010

Taxing Fat

One problem with obesity is the word "fat".  Obese people are fat, and somehow this language clumsily slips over in to the notion that eating fat is what makes us fat.  This is perfectly exemplified in the Panorama program Tax On Fat where a suggestion was made to tax food high in sugar, salt and fat. 

But look at the still above?  What do you notice?  Any 'fat' food?  Look in the trollies of the obese and you will see sugary foods like those in the still above - but will you see lamb?  Lard?  Steak?  No.  None of these.

Real food is not represented in the image above and yet somehow some real foods are tarnished with the 'junk food' label even though they are unlikely to lead to fattening.

As for 'health food being expensive' - offal (the original health food), is cheap!

Baise moi.

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