Thursday, 11 November 2010

Sight of Meat Calms Us

A quick one that continues on from my Free the Cannibal post.  This time about how the sight of meat can calm us,

  • Results from a McGill University study, released yesterday, suggest that people -men, anyways -become less aggressive at the sight of meat.
I'd imagine we see meat, we realise the struggle for life is temporarily over - we have nutritious sustenance to survive the day.  There is also an element of coperations and kinship,
  • But the actual result of less aggression might reflect a genetic disposition to feel comfort at the sight of meat, with it being associated with gatherings of family and friends, the study's authors said.
    Speaking of how ancient ancestors might have adapted their responses to the sight of meat ready for consumption, Kachanoff said "It wouldn't be advantageous to be aggressive anymore because you would've already used your aggression to acquire the meat, and furthermore, you'd be surrounded by people who share . . . your DNA.
Anyone familiar with aggressive rantings over at 30BAD will appreciate this story....and what of vegetarians?
  • [the study had] some vegetarians in the test group, and no major differences were found in their responses.
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Methuselah said...

I wonder whether we could encourage a more civilised exodus from more rowdy drinking holes by setting up tables with plates of meat outside at closing time...?

Asclepius said...

I like your idea, but watching "rotating elephant's foot" did little to calm me.

I know the drunken fights/squaring-up witnessed in my youth were in waiting to get my kebab rather than after it arrived!

Methuselah said...

good point. but perhaps for it to work it needs to be real meat, not scrapings from the floor reformed with wood chippings?

Asclepius said...

Yeah - I see I made a mistake earlier by equating "elephant's foot" with a food group!

I trust kebab features in Lightning's food pyramid?

Methuselah said...

Try to imagine a pyramid in which the upper 90% is taken up by a large pint of beer, and scattered along the bottom, too small to see, are what appear to be pictures of foods. That's the Lightning food pyramid.

Lightning said...

Did somebody mention beer ?

Ummm, beer in a pyramid shaped glass ;-)