Monday, 7 December 2009

Monday Climbing Session

I wanted to have some time off, but having rested Friday, I am itching for some work! The ritual of unlocking and preparing the garage gym in winter is becoming quite a source of inspiration...Much needed on a cold night.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (25* mins)
1a) Sprint (2x10s)/Assisted Pistols (1x6)
1b) Frog Planch (30s, 30s)
1c) Tuck Lever (30s, 30s)

2a) Ring Cuts (3x6 each way)
2b) Rope Climb to Cirques (2 'laps')

3a) Kill Carry* (5 minutes of walking with a shouldered punch bag - 35kg)

4a) Fingerboarding

  • 1st minute 15 second hang, 3 pull-ups, Large Edge
  • 2nd minute 2 pull ups, Round Sloper 20 second hang, Medium Edge
  • 3rd minute 20 second hang, Small Edge 15 second 90ยบ bent arm hang, Pocket
  • 4th minute 30 second hang, Round Sloper
  • 5th minute 20 second hang, Large Edge 4 pull-ups, Pocket
  • 6th minute 3 offset pulls each arm (high arm jug, low arm small hold), Jug/Small Edge Change hands and repeat
  • 7th minute 15 knee raises, Jug 15 second hang, Medium Edge
  • 8th minute 25 second hang, Medium Edge
  • 9th minute 15 second hang, Slope 3 pull-ups, Jug
  • 10th minute Hang as long as you can, Round Sloper
I made two passes through 1a - 1c, although I finished with an additional set of pistols. I made three laps of 2a-2b. Then there was a Kill Carry and to finish, a fingerboard session.

With the Cirques, emphasis is on the 'lock-off' and the gradual lowering with one arm. Take care as 'brutal' is the name of the game.

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