Sunday, 20 December 2009

2010 Training Plans

I have been thinking about cutting down on the length of my routines and adding a midweek workout in to the equation. I just feel hungry to do a bit more.

I also want to try to implement a 'grease the groove' as my planche in particular has plateaued. Pistols are also going backwards a bit and might benefit from a GTG approach!

My week should look like like this (sets, reps and rests are all instinctive. For strength the rests will be longer. On occasion I will emphasise aspects such as negatives, or an explosive primary phase of the movement):

Warm Up (5 mins)

Main 1
1a) Sprint (2x10s)/Assisted Pistols (1x6)
1b) Frog Planch (30s, 30s)
1c) Tuck Lever (30s, 30s)

2a) Ring Splits/Cuts (2x6 each way)
2b) Rope Climb to Cirques (2 'laps')

3a) Kill Carry* (5 minutes of walking with a shouldered punch bag - 35kg)

4a) Fingerboarding
1a) Sprint (2x10s)/Assisted Pistols (1x6)
1b) L-Sit Muscle Ups to Basic Ring Routine to Tuck Lever (3MUs, 3MUs, 2MUs)
1c) Laddering

2a) Ring Splits/Cuts (2x6 each way)
2b) Frog Planche (30s, 30s)
2c) Tuck Planche (30s, 30s)
2d) Deadhang Repeaters (321, 3a:7r:120s on small rungs)

Main 2
1) Rowing (500m:L8:1'35")

2a) Tuck Planche (6s, 6s)
2b) Tuck Lever (6s, 6s)
2c) Wall Walk (2x4)/BackBridge(2x15s)
2d) BBS Leg Extension (1x120x12s)
2e) BBS Leg Press (1x60sx50kg)

Main 3
1) Figure Eight Shuttles (4x15s)

2a) Straddle RLLs (8)/Deadlift (8x70%RM - 90kg)
2b) Chin Ups

3a) Dumbell Press/Snatch/HSPU
3b) Tucked Lever (30s, 25s)
3c) Frog Planche (20s, 22s)

1) Pistols (2)
2) Headstand to Handstand Press (1)
3) Finger-Tip Pull Up (5)
4) Tuck Planche (5s)
5) Tuck Lever (5s)

So there are one of a choice of two routines for a Monday (Main 1), then a leg-heavy routine on Wednesday (Main 2), followed by a Friday's routine (Main 3).

The planches and levers are on the GTG list and also feature throughout the week's main training routines. The GTG approach will have a strength emphasis - so slow and controlled and only done if feeling well rested between attempts.

I will also back-off 'to-failure' work to accommodate the increase in volume. I have had some thoughts about the evolutionary perspective of a GTG approach. The increase in strength and the development of all gross motor skills of infants are based around this approach. Makes me think my training should err towards least of a while.

Maybe 2010 will see me embrace volume the way 2009 saw me backtrack on the deadlift. I am starting to love the DL and am aiming for 2xBW. Bread and butter to most lifters, but not something I have ever really focused on.

Outside of the climbing-focused routines (Main 1), the other two routines are pretty much standard, with an emphasis on planes of motion and novelty to maintain interest and motivation.

Got to watch my weight as well. This year saw me settle at about 81kg and I don't want to go much over that or all gymnastic and climbing endeavours will be for nought!

Oh yeah, and that indoor rower - 500m:L8:1'35" - I am not happy about that 5 at the end so either I go to Level 10 or start crushing the time to under 1'30". I am not going to train physically for this, I am just going to push myself mentally and try to stick to 29spm.

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