Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Animal Workouts

I find myself drawn more and more to Parkour. My climbing and more recently my gymnastic and martial arts background should (I guess), give me a pretty good basis. Plenty of drunken escapades on the building of Nottingham in my youth (late 80s), give me a bit of 'previous' not too far removed from modern Urban Freeflow.

Whilst on the Urban Freeflow site I came across this article on training. It is very similar in places to my own workouts and as a general approach to training, I cannot fault it. In addition there is a recommended exercises post.

Well worth reading. Both posts were produced by Will Wayland who has runs a blog here.

As an aside, at the bottom of the recommended exercises post is a list of Parkour Techniques that are pretty usefule. This guy below demonstrates a handstand, that is pretty rock solid. From a gymnastic perspective is technique is a wee bit dodgy - given the big arch in his back, but his dismount is cool-as!


Natural Athlete said...

You should definitely Join the Movement NM. My own personaly interpration of evolutionary fitness, is based on clean nutrition tailored to genetic background, basic utility focused locomotive training(IE) parkour, simple strength training, and martial arts. Once you dive into the the world of Parkour you'll find just how primal it is as part of our nature and how fun and developmental it is due to that.

Natural Athlete said...

One more comment, I like Will Wayland but most of the other info from UFF is poor quality, especially their parkour techniques. They never really have been a parkour based group the focus has always been on tricks and acrobatics. I have students come to me with the most bizarre ideas about how to train and what to aim for coming off that site. A handstand for instance is nice accessory training skill and cool trick it is not an essential parkour technique.

Asclepius said...

NA = "locomotive training" - I love that phrase and it sums up my training philosophy.

I have watched my kids learn to push up, crawl, stand and walk and run. They got stronger (and ocntinue to do so), through an inclination to move - not from ongoing RM lifts!

Using my 'paleo' blinkers (!) - I see 'locomotive training' as being THE most important aspect of hunting a big animal or escaping a fast predator. I won't dismiss RM lifts but I know where my main focus lies - and it is probably closer to parkour.

I do enjoy tricks like the backflip and handstands, but they are just strength and agility 'play' to me. Purer parkour moves - flowing over urban obstacles with grace may well be my next step.

(Reckon I might be visiting your blog a bit more for training ideas!)




Natural Athlete said...

I think locomotive capacity is the most important for fitness, and should be the largest element of a balanced practice as well. Heavy lifting is clearly also important, it doesn't need to take a significant portion of our time just as it probably didn't feature with great frequency in the lives our ancestors but it has to be frequent enough to develop balanced physical attributes. Locomotive abilities are dependent on qualities best developed through heavy lifting. In typical week I will do 8-10 hours of locomotive training and 3-4 hours of lifting training. I think that is pretty appropriate balance.
Not addressing parkour training much in the blog these days but if you have any questions feel free to ask I think there some decent stuff in my older writings.

Also you probably shouldn't list me as Methode Naturelle as with more in depth knowledge of the method I no longer subscribe to it.