Sunday, 6 December 2009

Those Crazy Japanese

The Japanese seem to specialise in game shows based upon human suffering. In the 1980's several UK programs (usually hosted by Chris 'Bonkers' Tarrant), were based upon excerpts from several Japanese game shows. I think the main one was called 'Endurance'. "Oh how we laughed..."

I enjoy two current Japansese-gameshow guilty pleasures at the moment; Ninja Warrior and Unbeatable Banzuke. Of the former, several Olympic gymnasts have entered the competition and done quite well (including the Hamm Brothers and Jordan Jovtec). The latter seems to be a little more niche and has some incredible bike-skill based events although for me 'Hand Walk' is king.

Finally Olympian Paul Terek showing his hustle:



Methuselah said...

Great vids Asclepius. That stuff appeals to me. I loved all that assault course stuff I did earlier in the year - not quite as hard as this though...!

Asclepius said...

Yeah - I'd love a go at Ninja Warrior and have spoken with a mate of mine about opening a gym on the same premise.

Just coming to the end of Cormac McCarthy's "The Road", which IIRC you recommended to me some time ago. Gripping book.

Hope your knee-rehab is on course.

Methuselah said...

Yep - making good progress thanks. Did dumbbells up the stairs again this morning and felt stronger.

Glad you are enjoying the road. Have you check out by the way? It's a very easy way to create to-read lists and lists of what you've read already, as well as reviews. I wanted to have a widget that would allow me to show nutrition/fitness-related books as a list on the blog, but they have not quite got what I want yet. But it's still a very easy way to find and add books using their amazon-style database and I am anticipating better widgets.

Asclepius said...

Just checked out GoodReads. Cheers.