Thursday, 17 December 2009

High Rep Shoulder Workout

The intention here is 'greater than eight, but less than fifteen' reps each. I aimed for two sets each (unless specified otherwise) of 2a-2e and one set of .

Look to create 'heat and light' with your movements. Emphasis here is on shoulder work.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (25 mins)
1) Rowing (500m:L8:1'35")

2a) Dumbell Press (10kg x 15, 12)
2b) Tucked Lever (30s, 25s)
2c) Wall Walk (2x2)
2d) Straddle RLLs (8)/Deadlift (8x70%RM - 90kg)
2e) Frog Planche (20s, 22s)

3a) BBS Leg Extension (120x12s)
3b) BBS Leg Press (60sx50kg)
3c) Back Roll to Handstand (BRtH) (1x10)
3d) Sl0w Chins to 'just short of failure' (12)

Watch the BRtH as you'll be fatigued although this is largely skill-based so tired shoulders should not be too much of a problem and will force you to use your legs more (remember to kick upwards with your legs) . Don't worry if you cannot hold the handstand at the end of the roll (I can't either!).

Bad Luck

  1. Sunday 13/12/09. Damaged my left hand thumb by trying to jump a childs scooter down some wet, green steps. I made the jump but on landing, put my foot down to brake. The foot skidded sending me on to my butt, bending my wrist and thumb in the process. The thumb is heavily bruised.
  2. Monday 14/12/09.The car was parked in a bay and I was actually outside the vehicle. A car reversed out of a neighbouring parking slot, the front bumper of which crashed in to my rear bumper. Totally NOT my fault.
  3. Wednesday 16/12/09.Fell down a man-hole whilst carrying my sleeping child and have absolutely stripped my left shin of skin!

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