Friday, 18 December 2009

Greasing the Groove

Christmas will be spent in Dublin. I will be there for about two weeks and so I get a break from training....well, from the training routines listed down the side of this page.

I have been toying with the idea of a Greasing the Groove (GTG) routine for some time and this looks like a suitable opportunity. So each day I am currently looking at something like this:

Warm Up (5 mins) - It's a good warm-up so no point in not using it!
1) Pistols (2)
2) Handstand Press Up (1)
3) Pull Up (10)
4) Frog Planche (12s)
5) Tuck Lever (12s)
6) Wall Walk (1)
7) Splits (5s)
8) Cuts (5s)
9) Handstand (Freestanding - 5s)

I reckon that the main workout will take about five minutes maximum. The whole workout should be done in ten minutes.

I could easily dispense with seven and eight. The dynamic nature of the warm up seems to be sufficient to maintain much of my flexibility. But the rest of it should be feasible to maintain each morning for at least five days of each week I am away.

And looking over the list, maybe I am trying to do too much? Maybe I could split it up throughout the day. I could focus on one exercise - for example crank out a pull up every time I go take a leak.

There are lots of ways of implementing a GTG approach. Whatever my implementation, it will be instinctive and lead by how I feel from day to day.

Of course I might just toss it all off and wash cake down my neck with Guinness for a fortnight.....!

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