Monday, 9 November 2009

Monday Climbing Focus

Friday evenings finger training didn't materialise. But I was psyched for this session. I like the kill carry work and rope climbing is always challenge which can force you to 'writhe' upwards working much of your torso.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (25* mins)
1a) Sprint (3x10s)
1b) Tuck Planch (6s, 6s, failure)
1c) Lever (6s, 6s, failure)

2a) Ring Cuts (3x6 each way)
2b) Rope Climb to Cirques (2 'laps')

3a) Kill Carry* (5 minutes of walking with a shouldered punch bag - 35kg)

4a) Fingerboarding

I made three passes through each group of exercises (except '3a' and '4a' of which I completed one pass of each), completing the exercises in one group before moving on to the next.

Rope climbing involved steady climbing both up and down the rope with the legs extended in an L-Sit fashion. The lowering involved Cirques. Such 'locking off' can really 'bone' your elbow joint - so take it steady with these! I felt a slight ache in my right forearm and so eased things as neccessary.

The sprinting and planche/lever work was ably assisted by Captain Kid - estending this phase by some time, but it was a good laugh. I give her a head start on the sprints but will have to look at shortening her advantage!

I can really feel this session. The rope climbing was particularly tough - but this may be due to my increased weight.

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