Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Climbing Workout (Growth)

My climbing workout has evolved once again - this time, to allow me on occasion to push myself in to physical exhaustion. At the moment I want to intersperse this kind of workout with my Hunt-oriented workouts.

I completed three sets through each group of exercises. Form was maintained throughout. The first two sets were completed to a point of where mentally I felt I could not complete another complete rep. The third and final set was completed to momentary muscular failure.

The negative portion of each exercise was always done under strict control and slower than the positive phase.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (20 mins)

1a) Sprint (10s, 10s, 15s)
1b) L-Sit Muscle Ups to Basic Ring Routine to Tuck Lever (6MUs, 4MUs, 3MUs)
1c) Fingerboard Laddering

2a) Ring Splits (6, 6, 5)
2b) Tuck Planche (6s, 6s, 5s)
2c) Deadhang Repeaters (3a:7r:120s on small rungs)

The shorter grouping allowed me to mentally REALLY focus on each exercise - and working on the final sets to a point of failure gave me firm feedback of my level of exertion.

Shoving all the gymnastic stuff in to this workout feels good - and as long as I alternate between my hunt workout (which I might tweak further), I look forwards to how this change of approach will manifest itself.

Certainly I am aching deeply today from this new intensity. I am also hungry for Fridays dabble with resistance. Both are good indicators.

These workouts are often completed fasted. On a Monday I don't eat until 2200hrs - and I manage both the workout above and my Lau Gar session in complete comfort with regards to my appetite. Mentally I feel it gives me an edge.

Variety eh? The spice of life.


AT22 said...

L-sit muscle up? Wow. These workouts are great. Were you a gymnast or did you acquire these skills on your own? I think I've asked you that before. Sorry if I have!

Asclepius said...

Hi AT22 - I did post a follow up comment on your blog (in fact I did it twice), but for some reason Blogger kept throwing an error...so I gave up!

In answer to your question, my background is climbing. I found much of the strength in climbing lends itself to the gymnastic rings.

I am self taught in gymnstics - and that includes learning to backflip in just over an hour (at the ripe old age of 35). A gym near my house allows you to pay £5 and use all the kit for a night - including a foam pit. It is frequented by gymansts, martial artists, parkour types etc...a good mix.

Although I have trained quite a while with bodyweight, specific gymanstic movements like the lever and planche, and equipment such as the rings have only really been a feature of my training for around two years.

I am also becoming pretty proficient at handstands and Walking on Hands (I can walk for the length of a badminton court, turn around, stop to a handstand and restart etc...). All good fun. The handstands have been a training element for about three years and were probably the 'gateway' to trying other gymnastic stuff.

By the way - you should feel jacked that Keith from TTP has visited your site. I highly rate his opinions and ideas!

Best of luck with your training. I will make sure I visit your site on occasion so keep blogging!

LCR said...

Very curious to hear your results. I am sort of in the same boat (re growth) myself at the moment. Do you augment your training with any supplements? I find pure mono-hydrate creatine helpful when cycled. Re AT22s question, I am jealous that you have a solid location where you can practice gymnastics, the closest approximation I've got is a local outdoor set of parallel bars and the like.

Asclepius said...

LCR - My garage is full of junk, but you don't need much space to hang rings and planche! Even a fingerboard can be squeezed in to a small space!

I don't take supplements (apart from vitamin B), but eat LOTS of whole foods and no grains or legumes.

LCR said...

Not sure what you mean by planche (I assume this is a British term that hasn't made it's way over to the States -- I've been wondering for a while), that said it's unlikely I can fit one in my NYC apartment. At least I can continue practicing HSPUs, L sits, and pull-up motions at my gym.

Re food, I am in the same 'primal' boat as you, but have been willing to embrace NO and creatine on occasion...thanks for the response, I enjoy your website and have gleamed a lot from your bodyweight workouts

Asclepius said...

LCR - RE Planches:


This is a definitive article on planching! All you need is a bit of floor space!