Friday, 20 November 2009

Static Dynamic Routine

This workout is perhaps my favourite....I mean I like ALL my workouts - they contain variety, novelty and a good general challenge. But this workout has that 'tension' as I make the move from the static exercise to the dynamic.

I know during that transition that I am a few seconds away from SERIOUS physical demand that requires real focus and application.

Wam Up (5 mins)
Main (25 mins)
1a) Rowing (1x500m, level 7, 28spm: 1'35")

2a) Chair Sit (60s) to Pillar Jumps (2x10)
2b) Handstand (2x60s) to Alternate One Arm 3kg Medicine Ball Throws (2x10 - 20 in total per rep)

3a) Lever (5s) to Chin Ups (3 x to failure - 12, 8, 6)
3b) RLLs (Straight Leg - 1x5)/Deadlift (1x5 RM to 'almost failure' with > BW weights)

The rowing is really an extension of the warm up. The 'meat & potatoes' occurs in parts 2 and 3.

Section two, performed as a pair, involves three lots of 2a and two sets of 2b. The same goes for section three. So for example, for section three I start with the Lever and Pull Up (L2PU) combination, and then move to RLLs. Second time through I do L2PUs and then move to Deadlifts. I complete with a set of L2PUs only.

Rest as necessary between groups of exercises (so between 1 and 2, and 2 and 3). But no excessive intra-set rests!

As always the emphasis is on the negative phase of the exercise - particularly with pull ups. Also with PUs, you need to pull up so your neck is well above the bar and lower to almost straight arms. Use that full range of motion. Oh yeah - and NO kipping or wild swinging.

With the Medicine Ball throws, explode that ball upwards on EVERY throw with everything you have. Try to catch it one handed as well - with the same hand. You should experience failure by the 10th rep - if not then first, throw harder and higher, and if that does not work, use a heavier weight.

The planches have been pushed to the climbing/sport specific workouts but reckon I should move them to part of my Lau Gar warm up.


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