Saturday, 14 November 2009

Bit of Bouldering

Just did some bouldering at the local wall today. I have definitely maintained much of my strength even thought the volume of climbing I have been doing this year has fallen rapidly.

My strength felt good but I was not pulling on holds as small as usual for as long as usual. I thinkthat this might be as much to do with my increased weight over the past year. Bigger thighs are no use in the vertical!

I felt tired yesterday so skipped the planned workout. Monday's rope-climbing was clearly brutal. I could feel it in my back and shoulders for the following two days and knew even on Friday that I was below baseline. I should be stoked for something next week - reckon I might train on a different day and see what happens. As always, I will try to listen to my body and let it guide me.

Importantly, today was all about 'play'. Mixing with friends with some good natured banter.

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