Thursday, 26 November 2009

Reverse Pyramid Workout

Maaaan - those Lau Gar session are definitley a-hurting. I like them but have to take it careful with my other workouts.

I have stripped this workout right back in response. It is still hard, fucking hard, as I am using reverse pyramid training (championed by Mike Mentzer no less), but the whole routine is short!

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (15mins)
1) Rowing (L7, 500m, 1'40")
2) Weighted Chins (4 reps)
3) Deadlift (3x90%RM)
4) Kneel Backs (60s)
5) Weighted Chins (6 reps with 10% less weight than in the last set)
6) Deadlift (4 reps with 10% less weight than in the last set)
7) Kneel Backs (60s)
8) Chin Ups ('just short of failure')

Just go from 1 to 8! This means the whole workout has two sets of deadlifts and three sets of chins. The kneel backs are rests. Shimples.

I had intended to do sprints but as it was very wet (which makes running outdoors in Vibram 5ingers uncomfortable - especially when you come back indoors), I opted for the rower.

I might do a bit more climbing specific stuff in the evening - but it will be fingers only. No gymnastics until next week!

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