Thursday, 5 November 2009

Dynamic Workout

So this was one of my first gym workouts with the intention of pushing in to failure on the last rep. I usually walk out of the gym with enough gas to 'escape a predator' but the pistols and rows to failure ensured that I would probably end up as tiger food today - although wit and wisdom might just save me.

Warm Up (5 Mins)
Main (20 Mins)
1a) Row (500m, level 7, 1min 35)

2a) Alternate One-Arm Dumbell Snatch/Assisted Pistol + Dumbell Press (18kg 2x15 - last set to failure, 1x15 + 16kg x 8)
2b) Back Bridge (3x15s)

3a) One Arm Dumbell Rows (15, 10, 10 x 18kg)

I am once again trying to cover too many bases and need to reorganise how I label my routines! As the main workout was pretty taxing, the evening workout will just focus on training the fingers with some supplementary stretch/strength work on the legs.

The main workout is now devoid of planche and lever work as this now features in my Monday session. The leg exercise in this workout now involves planching to failure in less than 20 reps - a la Mike Mentzer (but with a few more sets). I have also dropped 'walking on hands' as this whole routine is pretty shoulder intensive and I want to maintain that focus on intensity!

I couldn't wait for this workout! I was TOTALLY stoked. It lived up to its billing as it was brief, hard and had enough variety to keep me entertained ;)

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