Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Post-HG Lifestyle

Ever wondered what happens when a hunter-gatherer (HG), stops hunting? Sure you could read the works of Weston Price or Vilhjalmur Stefansson, but I think I have found a better example:


Methuselah said...

very cool!

AT22 said...

Very funny :)

I am impressed with your self-taught gymnastics. I was a gymnast when I was younger - twice. In my initial foray, I was just able to do handstand press-ups and aerial cartwheels (along with backhandsprings, tucks, and even walkovers on the balance beam). I was beginning to practice twisting flips when I decided I was done with it.

In HS I decided to try out for the team with no prep - and made it. I spent one season competing varsity-level, but did not in that one season regain the strength I had built earlier (there was probably a 4 year break with other sports but no gymnastics). My HS coach said the only thing holding me back was strength - she felt I had the skill-ability and the grace for it. But I quit again. I'm a bit of a quitter. Oh well.

I'd love to work back into the HS press-up, holds and finally develop the old kip-up bar routine mount. (Sounds like we are around the same age - it would be like teaching and old dog old tricks :) I also am jealous that you have a facility that has a FOAM PIT!! That is awesome. I could practice my flips if I had that!

I also love Keith's site, his knowledge, and appreciate his visits to my blog. He's a wealth of information - and a great guy to boot!

Jessica said...

Oh my...that was absolutely HYSTERICAL!!!

Asclepius said...

AT22 - if you are impressed by my gymsnastics then you clearly haven't seen them! ;)

Seriously though, the back flip was a lifetime's ambition achieved - and all within a little over an hours self-practice (although some 'kid' did give me a few pointers about picking a spot on the wall to focus on and throwing my arms back)! So yeah, I was chuffed with that. It took a lot of courage. Never thought I'd be one of those guys who could do a flip - and I thought 35 was no age to start.

The handstands are ADDICTIVE, and are done as much for fun as for any gymnastic purpose.

If you had a gymnastic 'hustle' then you are in a great position to re-ignite the fire. You certainly don't strike me as 'a quitter' and as ADV says, "there is no failure, only feedback". Try doing less, but do it well. Success will follow the focus!

Agree with your points about Keith. TTP for me is a total inspiration (as is Richard's site at FTA). It is good to see some 'heavy weights' wading in to the paleo forum with strong views.

All the best

Asclepius said...

Methuselah and Jessica - glad you liked the clip.

Beep beep!

fourteeneightyeight said...

Somewhat amusing, despite the profanity laced dialogue and the unnecessary dig at Christians at the end.

Not surprising considering Seth MacFarlane is an atheist Jew.

Asclepius said...

1488 - I am pretty sure that EVERYONE is an atheist at some level - even religious folk - they don't belive in the gods of other people/cultures.

I don't know why you'd think a dig at Christians is to be 'expected' from an atheist Jew.