Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Light Session

After having the snot punched out of me at the weekend, I have decided to take things easy for a week or two. I was figuring I should be ramping up the intensity on my planches in particular, but this is a good an opportunity as ever to simply allow my body to repair and heal. In a fortnight's time I can hit the training with REAL menace and purpose!

It was another sunny lunchtime. It is nice to feel the warmth of the sun reaching in to your body. The whole session was brisk using about 50% RM:

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (15 mins)

1a) Frog Planche (3x10s)
1b) Shuttle Sprints (4), Low Wall Jumps (8), Assisted Pistols (4 per leg)
1c) Pistols (3x40s)

2a) HandWalk (3x 'for time')
2b) Kneel Backs (3x30s)
2c) Row Stretch (3x30s)
2d) Splits (3x30s)

3a) Body Levers (3x10s)
3b) Assisted Muscle Ups (3x8)

Each cycle through section '1' I changed the exercise from Shuttle Sprints to Low Wall Jumps and finally to Assisted Pistols.

I actually felt surprisingly worn out after this session. I am not sure if it is the 'kicking' I got or the effects of the clock change.

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