Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tuesday Session

I am trying to crank up the volume a bit and am also playing around with sets, reps and rests. I aim for a total number of 35 reps per muscle group but as I can hit muscles from plenty of angles given the nature of my training, my biggest objective is simply to complete a few exercises per muscle and be out of the gym in 30 minutes. This causes me to cut sets accordingly and increase density.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (25 mins)
1a) Assisted Pistols(3x12)
1b) Frog Planche (4x15s)
1c) Cuts (30s Per Side)

2a) Headstand Leg Raise (3x8)
2b) Assisted Handstand PressUps (3x12 steps)

3a) Kneel Backs (3x15s)
3b) L-Sit Stretch (3x 60s)

4a) Tucked Body Lever (4x15s)
4b) One Arm Lowers (One Per Side)

The OALs were single reps and pretty easy. In fact, only the pistols and Assisted HeSTPUs milked me! Rests were kept short (hence the smaller combinations of exercises).

That night I performed a Stairgator to test my upper body strength. It was tough but not that bad (at least as not as bad as I remember).

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