Wednesday, 18 March 2009


I thought I would bring you a new exercise/strength test - which is unique in that it will work your shoulders and core, but is not available to people in bungalows and harder for those who live in a Victorian terrace! Stairgators!

This exercise is part of a game I used to play as a child, and is something that was re-inspired by watching Flash working out how fast she could negotiate her way down the stairs (she settled for belly down and feet first).

  1. Start on the landing of your house.
  2. Get down on to all fours (feet and hands - not the knees).
  3. Walk down the stairs on all fours (but do NOT use your knees), head first.
  4. When at the bottom of the stairs (that means both hands and feet are off the stairs), reverse the process walking back up the stairs on all fours, feet first.
This is one of those exercises that works the core as well as the more obvious muscles. You'll find your thighs might also ache after a set. You might want to do the 'reverse' version before you try the full Stairgator, just to assess your abilities.

It is much harder than you think and way more fun than you can imagine. It is also highly productive.

Take care with it and above all enjoy!

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