Sunday, 8 March 2009


So as you guessed from my absence, the Tonsilitis has been pretty horrendous. Regular 24 hour fasts and lots of low level activity have ensued and I am on the home straight to health now!

I helped some other parents do some gardening at Captain Kid's school yesterday which was a nice opportunity to do some light carry work, wheel barrow pushing and spade work. Although our ancestors were unlikely to perform much of the work for which we bred beasts of burden, anything involving a bit of carrying and some digging (we foraged for tubers), must surely get the thumbs up.

It was nice to be doing something voluntarily and with a real community spirit. We shovelled soil and planted some vegetables. Anything that links kids to real food has to be good.

Getting back in to the swing of workouts gave me another opportunity reflect on how reviving I find 'paleo centric' workouts:

1) Sprinting is the 'daddy'. You lose your speed and evolution will weed you out. Be quick or be dead. Sooooo happy to be back to this work.

2) Rings - not paleo but our ancestors got it right when they headed for the trees. Pre-empting the fun of modern day climbing by several million years, the apes were also on to a winner when it came to developing upper body strength by lifting themselves off the ground. However the tables have turned and we have now stolen a march on the apes, for while the branch is a mighty training tool, gymnastic rings offer a superior range of movements. When you watched the old Tarzan films, did you ever see Cheetah do an iron cross or handstand on rings? That is because he couldn't. Probably.

3) Heavy Punch Bags are great. As a mechanism for stress release, kicking and punching one of these is unsurpassed. Fighting is in our DNA and best expressed on a heavy lump of suspended padding that cannot hit back. But the best thing I ever did with a heavy punchbag was to pick it up and carry it. This is something I still do. Who would have thought something developed to work our limbs can also be used so effectively to build a solid core.

Cheers now.