Friday, 20 March 2009

Friday's Movement Based Workout

I had intended to work out yesterday lunchtime, but the word on the street was that it was going to be much sunnier today. Now THAT is the kind of decision that should dictate WHEN you work out!

As predicted it was sunny but still nice and cool. I hacked about with my intended workout so that it was outdoor based. The workout was a bit longer than normal - largely due to the sunbathing aspect!

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (35 mins)
1) Field Sprints (5x10+s)

2a) Walking on Hands (4x60%RM)
2b) Kneel Backs (4x60s)
2c) Frog Planch (4x15s)
2d) Cuts LHS (3x30s)

3a) Feet Elevated Inverse Row (4x7 60%RM)
3b) Tuck Lever (4x15s)
2c) Cuts RHS (3x30s)

The planche and levers were well within RM - around 60%. I will start to look at reintroducing the Tuck Planche and extending my legs on the levers, next week.

Evening Session
I tagged another workout on my return home this evening. Captain Kid wanted to run about and given the field sprints earlier, wesimply ran around playing chase for 20s or so. I also go to use my new tug-o'-war rope!

1a) Chase (4x20s)
1b) Ring Routine (x4 light)
1c) Ring splits 4x8

I interspersed this sequence with several sets of ladders, changing between the three main grips. I did a total of about 7 sets of laddering and finished with a two sets of rope climbs and rope lock-offs.

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