Sunday, 29 March 2009

Can You Dig It?

I had a kickboxing grading yesterday. I had to do four two-minute rounds. The grading was taken at a sister club to my usual place. At this other club they are regulars on the fight circuit and they were only too pleased to show me their 'hustle'.

I tried to fight back a bit but was out of gas after the first two rounds. The tempo was high and the shots were aimed at the head and face with a degree of passion. I really need to pick up my GPP and try to build a bit more anaerobic volume in to my training if I want to keep kickboxing up.

Fighting really is exhaustive and if you are fighting a rhino or another tribe, surely we had to work with the lactic acid?

Anyway, today I took it easy with just a bit of deadhanging and and headed off to the garden center to get some supplies for our garden. I am trying to get Flash and Captain Kid in to growing their own food. We are Very Modern Foragers, but hope to regress to wild foraging this summer. After getting our gardening supplies we headed off to a local park.

The park we go to has a deep sand floor. The kids love it and instinctively dig. Flash had only been to this park once before but her need to 'burrow' was quickly visible. Everywhere you looked there were kids digging with enthusiasm - just making holes and then filling them in.

On returning home it was my turn to dig. Captain Kid wanted to help but the risk of finding a worm kept her from coming on to the soil (or at least digging with any degree of productivity). Flash was keen to assist but settled for flicking soil in the air from around the edges of the plot.

After a job well done (the fruit bushes are now in place and the beetroot has sprouted), I sat back and reflected on digging. I had enjoyed digging a trench for the raspberries. Flash and Captain Kid had loved digging in the sand. My thoughts turned to the beach and then to 'Competitive Dads'. You must have seen 'Competitive Dads' - they can be found on most beaches in the summer trying to dig as deep a hole as they can.

Each year I happen on at least one beach where 'Competitive Dad' (usually watched by an offspring who may have initiated the digging, but by now is demoted to bucket carrier or some other trivial task), is trying to bypass Australian Immigration Control.

So what is it about digging that is so compelling to us? Could this be an instinctive part of our makeup (just as dogs bury bones)? An echo of our early history foraging for roots? Or is it simply a manifestation of our ego. A statement of our physical prowess by digging the deepest hole on the beach?

Certainly for Flash and Captain Kid, there is no ego - only the fun of the dig. For me, today's digging was rooted in the same spirit!

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