Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Next Big Thing

Want a new body? Men, do you want rock hard abs? Women - do you want a lean body with curves?

Then read on....

Hollywood is in a Hot Buzz
Hollywood is in a hot buzz over a brand new diet! This amazing diet is :

  • your TEMPLATE for fat loss!
  • your TEMPLATE for thinness!
  • your TEMPLATE for improved bone definition!
  • your TEMPLATE for a Hollywood body!
The template for this transformation comes with the TenPlates diet. With TEN Plates it could not be easier.

The TenPlates Template
TenPlates is a revolutionary concept that expects you to eat upto ten full plates of food each day. And here's a thing - you can eat what you want and YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT!

Click on the image above and you will see just what makes the TenPlate diet so exciting and so easy. You will the see the patented TenPlate plate measuring a tiny 20mm across.

The TenPlate Method
All you need to do is load up the special TenPlate plate on the hour every hour with as much food as you can ten times a day. You must only fill the plate up once per hour and only eat what the plate can support*. That's it!

Soon the weight will fall from your body as it begins to illustrate inanition ("The condition of being inane; emptiness; want of fullness, as in the vessels of the body; hence, specifically, exhaustion from want of food, either from partial or complete starvation, or from a disorder of the digestive apparatus, producing the same result" - . Calorie restriction has never been so much fun.

Each TenPlate plate retails for £99.99 and if you order before 1st April 2010 we will give you a free GoonSpoon (shown) measuring a tiny 15mm in length and a special Mug's Mug (also shown above) - each worth £19.99 if sold separately.

But hurry. This offer must end soon.

*The resulting calorie restriction may cause death. You must consult a doctor before undertaking this diet. If you actually buy a TenPlate plate and/or GoonSpoon or Mug's Mug, you should probably get your head examined as well.


Methuselah said...

Sign me up. I'm in. I'll send you my credit card details offline.

Asclepius said...

Calorie Restriction remarketed! Who'd have thunk it?