Friday, 13 March 2009

Volume Session

Today's gym session was partly indoors and partly outdoors. Then, in the evening I went for a hardcore finger strength session. In each case, I aimed for about 60%RM and tried to build a little volume. I broadly aimed for around four or five sets, but in truth as long as I hit all prescribed exercises the main control on volume was in ensuring that each workout was over in 30 minutes!

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (20 mins)
1a) Pillar Jumps (4x8)
1b) Medicine Ball Throws (4x8 per side)

2a) Headstand Leg Raise (4x4)
2b) Handstand Walk (4x10 steps)
2c) Wall walk (4x2)
2d) Frog Planche (4x15s)
2e) Cuts (3x30s LHS)

3a) Rows (4x8)
3b) Body Lever
3c)Cuts (3x30s RHS)

Volume in the jumps and throws really kicked in on the final reps for the final sets. My knee feels fine after the recent injury - but I still need to be mindful and moderate the running given the amount of jumping I do.

Wall Walks hit back flexibility, shoulders and your abs. The are a cruel exercise but strangely addictive. As with many of my exercises, they target chains of muscles and one feels satisfied after a set!

The cuts are actually an excuse to rest for an additional 30s between the hard stuff! The rows are usually done on a Smith Machine with bar set low and feet elevated on a bench. I varied it with some dumbell bent over rowing and even did some one arm lowers from the pull up bar by hooking my feet on to additional equipment (prompting one gym-goer to suggest I get a prize for Most Innovative Form of Self-Torture).

In the evening....the emphasis was on finger strength and so the following laddering was spread over 7 sets. In each set I worked each of the three main grips up and down the rungs, mixing the order of the grip.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (20 mins)
1a) Ring Routine (starting and ending with a Muscle Up)
1b) Ring Splits (4x8reps)

The laddering was liberally spread in and around the exercise-pair above. The fingers feel very strong at the moment. I am mad-keen to get on real rock.