Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pursue Mastodon with Diligence

Let's get this sorted right now.  If you are a headhunter looking to crack the skye, go here.  If you are looking for some interesting anthropology, read on (courtesy of Nature):
  • "About 13,800 years ago, a mastodon in North America met a somewhat ironic end. It died at the hands of humans wielding a bone projectile made from the skeleton of another mastodon. A study of the remains of this unfortunate trunk-bearing beast add weight to the theory that the downfall of the megafauna may have been more gradual than previously proposed


    Most previously discovered mammoth and mastodon kill sites have been attributed to humans of the Clovis culture, who used finely honed stone tools. These people were thought to have been the first major hunters of Pleistocene wildlife in North America. But the bone tool found in the mastodon rib was created by a culture that was hunting mastodons at least 800 years earlier.

    The humans who killed the mastodon were "carrying a toolkit that was durable, lethal and portable", Waters says. The Manis site may even be a two-for-one discovery. "These people either scavenged bone from a fresh carcass," Waters suggests, "or they had killed another mastodon to make the bone point."
Fascinating stuff!  And don't forget to pursue happiness in the same fashion!

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