Thursday, 13 October 2011

Epic Fail

There is nothing like flogging a dead horse.  You can flog the horse harder, kick the horse, change the whip and even get off the horse and give it a push, but if the horse is dead....

"'Eat less, exercise more', says government on obesity**":
  • People need to be more honest about how much they eat and drink if obesity levels are to be reduced, ministers say. The government's obesity strategy said on average adults are exceeding their calorie intake by 10%. Ministers said it was up to individuals to make sure they consume less and exercise more. They ruled out using legislation such as introducing a fat tax to change behaviour.
Thank god for that last sentence.

For anyone interested in getting lean, forget volumes of food, think quality of food*.  Eat close to the ground.  Fast once in a while.  Don't force exercise -  but DO self locomote, a lot. 

A healthy body autoregulates bodyfat and will adjust intake/output accordingly - but some physical activity is an important signal to the body.

*This can depend on how damaged your body is!

**Update:  This article has been renamed since I originally linked to it.  It is now titled 'Public 'need to be more honest about eating habits'.


Chuck said...

I am curious what you mean by "Eat close to the ground."

Asclepius said...

Hi Chuck,

"Eat close to the ground."

If you had to survive by your wits out in the wild, what would you eat? That is what I consider 'eating close to the ground'.