Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Beginning is Nigh

I attended a wedding this weekend in London where a bus had been arranged to take all guests from the registry office to the reception.  It wasn't just any old bus but, but a classic 50's, red, London bus, adorned with wedding livery and flowers.  It was packed full with bride & groom, friends and family.  Did I mention the champagne?  Lots of.

Spirits were high and everyone was becoming rather rowdy as the effects of the Bollinger took hold.  The bus kept slowing as it hit traffic and at one point we came to a standstill.  At the same time a rather dishevelled and mournful-looking guy shuffled past us holding aloft a sign on which were written the words "The beginning is nigh!".

This slogan immediately caught the attention of me and my fellow revellers, and he received a rousing cheer/toast, flutes of champagne held aloft, before we all dissolved in to fits of laughter.  The contrast of our respective situations could not have been greater, and the irony of the phrase at the beginning of the bride & groom's marital life equally apt.

It was good to see his pessimism evaporate, and he gave us a big wave whilst a broad smile crossed his face.  I think we made his day, and he certainly made ours!

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