Wednesday, 19 October 2011

More Bits and Blogs

Want to be bigger, faster and stronger? Then head over to Bigger, Faster, Stronger!  There are loads of programs targetting strength, speed, agility and so forth.  I've only just found the site so I'll do some more digging, but basically it looks pretty interesting on first glance.

Second find is SuppVersity.  yes, yes I know it is a crap name, but it looks to be the real deal.  It covers topics as broad as staying healthy, boosing athletic performance, building muscle, losing fat and improving yoru sex life!

*Bits and Blogs

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Chuck said...

BFS is very popular at the high school level in the US. The basis of everything are core lifts like bench, squat, dead, and power clean.

That Suppversity site is packed full of interesting stuff. Thx for passing that along.