Sunday, 13 September 2009

Road Kill

Just when you think you have this paleo-lark all stitched up, along comes someone who shows you that not only are they some way ahead of you on the paleo-road, they are picking up everything on it as they go. Foraging for berries, seeds, mushrooms and leaves or hunting fish and fowl is all well and good, Fergus goes for scavenging roadkill. This is the single coolest thing I have heard of in some time and has lead to him actually being nominated for a PETA award! I know that Hugh at River Cottage has used roadkill to bait eel traps, but as about 50% of roadkill is edible, Fergus has optimised this opportunity for gaining quality protein in the wild!

I found mention of Fergus the Forager's website in today's papers and simply had to check it out. Fergus also has his own blog. This guy really is living as a hunter gatherer (without the hunter bit), in a modern society. Amongst his site is an excellent diary in which he attempts to live for a month on wild food alone.

We can all cut the refined carbohydrate. We can all ditch the treadmill and the iron-life. We can pick up sprinting and HIT bodyweight exercises - but what Fergus does is something else and a much more genuine flavour of paleo than my attempts.

Now I would be loathe to give up my mode of exercise for his, but on a nutritional basis, this guy has it dialled.

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