Monday, 28 September 2009

Climbing Workout

Hmmm - a big step backwards on the deadhanging today! My fingers really did not fire. I took it in my stride. No point getting worked up about it. I need to rest. I think Doug at BBS has the answer to my problem!

I was trying a rep scheme of 5/3/1.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (10 mins)
1a) Laddering (5/3/1x15-rung)
1b) L-Sit Muscle Ups to Basic Ring Routine to Lever (3x5/3/1 on MUs)
1c) Ring Scissors (3x5/3/1 scissors)

The last set was done slowly in each case to ensure maximal effort. I finished with a ten-minute deadhanging routine. I think I need a bit more rest after deadhanging! I climbed outdoors on Saturday and suspect that I was not fully recovered.

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