Thursday, 10 September 2009

Alone in the Wild

I just have to make you all aware of a fantastic program currently airing on the UK's Channel 4 station. Alone in the Wild is a documentary featuring Ed Wardle who, after some survival training, takes to spending three months in Canada's Yukon, armed with meagre supplies and survival knowledge:

  • "In this opening episode, Ed is flown into the Canadian wilderness. As the plane disappears, he's instantly overwhelmed by the realisation that he is completely alone. He finds it hard to make decisions, but manages to set up camp. He's frightened and nervous of every sound and movement around him. As the days go by, it dawns on Ed that the escapist dream is a lot harder than he ever imagined. "
He argues that this way of life is how our ancestors would have lived. Good man Ed! I am glad you tick the paleo box!

The paleo model is woven deep in to the program's fabric; of hunting and being hunted. What is palpable is the danger of living in isolation in such an exposed way and the specific fear of attack by predators - bears.

The amount of time revolving around the gathering of food is also obvious. After scavenging for some meagre plant food (Indian Potatoes), you get a real sense of the poor returns of vegetarianism - particularly in the wild.

I liked the bit when after a week of living on fish, hunger prompts him to kill a porcupine. Earlier in the week he had declined such a opportunity - but after seven days without meat, his survival mechanism kicked in. On initial tasting of porcupine liver you could see his appreciation of such nutritious fare.

I am hooked. This is real paleo viewing. I just wish they had checked his bloods and other vitals before and after he embarked on this adventure. I dare say that the real story of this program is at the metabolic level!

The accompanying Channel 4 site website allows you to view each episode and gives other details, footage and stories about Ed's preparation and so forth.

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Methuselah said...

I watched this and loved it too. It's set to automatically record now. I thought the gun and electric fence were a little non-paleo but presumably the programme's advisors felt there was a limit to quite how authentic it was safe to be. Looks set to be compelling viewing!