Wednesday, 9 September 2009

12-8-4 Pyramid

A sunny lunch hour prompted me to don my training gear. Autumn is trying to push through but not without a fight from summer to prolong her stay.

I followed this pyramid, adopting cluster sets as appropriate (where, usually on the last set, I paused for a second or two between each rep). This is a good way of maximising strength output. The lactic burn should be your guide on the first set or two, adding or dropping reps as required.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (25 mins)
1a) Sprints (15s:60s x 4)
2a) Dumbell Press (10kg, 12kg, 14kg)
3a) Seated Rows (Smith Machine and cable rows)
4a) Deadlifts (50% RM - aim for at least BW on last set, if not the sets before)
5a) Kneel Backs (1x60s)
6a) Frog/Tuck Planche (30s, 20s, 5s tuck)

The rest between sets were broadly around ten seconds - but were extended for the deadlifts and planche work as these felt tough. The dumbell press also made me pay!

I have not done any formal training for over a week due to a family vacation to Wales. This involved the usual running around and wild-swimming with the kids. I even managed to get myself turfed out of the sea by the RNLI for swimming in the sea when the red flags were out!

As I hope to do a climbing workout on Friday involving ring-work, I left the levers well alone today as they are part of my basic ring routine.

It is good to be back.

*Update - I managed to squeeze in a ten minute finger strength routine this evening, similar to those shown below.

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