Monday, 10 August 2009


Last week was spent camping down in Oxford with friends. The weather was dire, but some wild swimming in the local lakes provided much welcome escape from the misery of being wet through in clothes!

This weekend we were away in Norwich. I ended up taking a swim in the sea just of Happisburgh. The sea was refreshingly cool on an uncharacteristically hot day! The swim was accompanied by a seal and after 30 minutes in the brine, we (my mate and I, NOT the the seal and I), headed back shoreward for some sport.

I have started and abandoned several posts on training - particularly on reps and sets, and whether to lift fast or slow, or at RM MAX or whatever. The paleo compass points away from such a prescription. The hunt (or being hunted), would provide the necessary workout. The intensity would be dictated by fortune and lady luck.

It is hard for us to expose ourselves to this level of unpredictability and volatility - we naturally fall in to some kind of linear regimentation....or so I thought.

Powerkiting has to be one of the ultimate upper body workouts. Being dragged along a beach by a 3.5m kit is pretty exhilarating. Take off is the second most exciting thing in the world....after the millisecond before landing! You have to really wrestle and fight with the thing. If you get it right you can skid along the beach or jump several feet in the air (I opted for the former).

The wind drops and straight away you are adjusting and compensating. One minute you are trying to 'push the kite to its limits' and the next, as fatigue sets in, it causes you to adjust the flight once more and seek rest. This is fun. The pattern of exertion follows a power law.

I think that here I have found my 'wild prescription' of energy expenditure. Better still it involves play. I have had my eyes on kiteboarding for a few years, but really do not have the time at the moment due to family commitments. However, a powerkite might just be the thing!

Today I was thinking about going to the gym but felt sore in my upper back. Whether it was the swim or the kiting, the fact that I was thinking twice about the workout made me realise that at I probably need a bit more rest than I thought, and that I had, over the weekend, exerted myself slightly more than anticipated.


Chris said...

Good post.

I've been thinking about training a lot recently. Sometimes I think it all gets too complicated and I search for a simpler template - basic movements in normal everyday life...

Fun is important and sometimes training can become a drag and one more stress in life.

Asclepius said...

Kiting is a drag - but the RIGHT kind of drag ;)

There used to be a place behind Edinburgh Castle that sold the kit. It was the first place I had been to where I got to speak to the KB guys first hand. They just couldn't hide their enthusiasm for it as a sport. I knew then that I had to give it a go one day....

Chris said...

I think the shop is called Wind is till there - I think - next to the Fossil Shop

Methuselah said...

Nice action - this is how I wish all my workouts were.