Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Inspired by comments on Chris's blog, I went on the hunt for some hand balancing footage. I eventually found a video featuring Entcho - and it is a must see*.

If you have seen my training routines you will notice much in the way of ring training, handstands and hand walking. I love the playfulness of these exercises as much as I love their effectiveness in developing serious strength. What Entcho displays is both massive strength and an awesome physique. The dude could crack coconuts between his deltoids.

If you fancy a piece of this action for yourself, then you can do worse than consult The York Hand Balancing Course (which is actually a big inspiration to me). It comes from a time when training/fitness/conditioning seemed much simpler, more integrated and less Balkanized than things are in the modern-day fitness industry.

I am sure few modern-day personal trainers would support this kind of activity as part of a strength or hypertrophy training program. But the results of hand-balancing speak for themselves - as Entcho demonstrates.

*A word of warning, it is not often I can forgive crimes against music, and in the grand scheme of things Lounge Muzak (a.k.a. Trouser Jazz), is amongst the worst of audio crimes. When you watch this footage cover your ears or turn the bloody volume off!

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Chris said...

Sandow Plus is a great site. Worth exploring in depth.