Thursday, 20 August 2009

Live Close to the Ground

You were born 'close to the ground'. You came here barefoot and naked. Your first meal was from another animal. Your first exercise used solely body weight. You began with slow movements and lots of them. As soon as you could run, you ran as fast as you could. You sought to play. You climbed and wrestled. You tumbled and jumped. You learned as you grew. You found novelty in the unlikliest of places. You had fun.

Although you didn't know it at the time, you had a head start on where you are now! So why did you go and mess with a winning formula like that?

Feed Your Mind, Grow Your Soul, Work Your Body!


Chris said...

I like that....

FK.UK said...

So do I. Been talking to some colleagues at work this morning about being barefoot and walking more in daily life.

So this was the perfect wee passage to read out to them.

Oh and excellent blog - just found it - through Chris in fact, so cheers to you both!

Asclepius said...

Cheers all.