Monday, 17 August 2009


I have just had a week off from 'formal' exercise. Captain Kid and I have been working our handstands and some planches as part of a general play (in between bike riding in particular), but all light hearted stuff.

Today offered a chance to get back in to the mix. Inspired by Usain Bolt's performance last night, I was determined to lift my game!

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (25 mins)
1a) Sprints to Front Facing Figure Eights (15s:50s x 4)

2a) Hand Stand Press Ups/Handstand Lowers (4x3 Emphasis on Neg)
2b) Lever (15s)
2c) BackBridge (15s)
2d) Freestanding RLLs (4x5)
2e) Pistols (4x3)

I cycled through 2a-2e four times, taking 4-5 minutes to complete each circuit. The HSPUs required moderate assistance. The last set were simply handstands against a wall and slow lowering to the ground. Gains were made on the pistols of which at least one set was completed completely free. The RLLs are now totally freestanding as well.

I left the gym feeling comfortable with my performance but reckon I could give more. A few aches and niggles seem to have been worked out by the exercise.

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