Monday, 1 June 2009

Monday Negatives

Today was VERY hot - the hottest of the year so far. It made for a tough workout, despite significant hydration beforehand. The goal with this workout was to get to around 6 reps but to make the last two reps negatives. This might involve swapping exercises totally (such as military press to hands stand lowers). The aim being to fight the negative phase!

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (25 mins)
1a) Sprints (15s:50s x 5)

2a) Hand Stand Press Ups/One Arm Dumbell Press to Handstand Lowers (Neg)
2b) Lever (15s) to One Arm Bent Over Dumbell Rows (Neg)
2c) BackBridge (15s)
2d) RLLs
2e) Planche (15s)

I cycled through 2a-2e four times, giving me about 4-5 minutes rest between any one individual exercise.

The HSPUs felt very difficult, but the backbridges in particular came with ease. The difficulty of the RLLs was controlled by the speed of the raising and lowering of my legs and using straddle.

Progress is hard to measure given the variation in sets and reps that I am currently using. Each workout I have done of late requires significant effort and leaves me sore the next day, so in terms of effort, I believe there is enough work being done to cause adaption.

I have to say I am just not interested or inclined to measure stuff. I am moving to a training model where I have a broad idea of sets and reps, with an aim of controlling density - fitting everything in to a 30 minutes session. But in terms of weight moved, I cannot be bothered to be bound to this. I just want to feel that I have pushed things in terms of difficulty and effort demanded.

As I would prefer to climb - and given these workouts place on the upper body, I am only doing one gym workout a week at the moment. This should allow me one 'broad spectrum' give-all climbing session and some shorter 'fingerwork' sessions.

I am not sure of the wisdom of restricting myself to 30 minutes of intensive, demanding physical body weight activity once a week, but it is tiring me out for a few days and so seems to be 'enough'. It also provides enough in the tank for my other physical pursuits.


Methuselah said...

Hot - you're not kidding. I've got an hour of sunbathing in on 4 consecutive days since Saturday and look like a different person. My Vit D must be way better. Hoping my Thursday gym session benefits!

Asclepius said...

Your vit D post gave me food for thought and I have been supplementing a wee bit more than usual. The weather of recent days (which I have been taking FULL advantage of), must have improved my Vit D also. The tan still needs a bit more work though! ;)

BBS is getting yet another reading. I really am trying to do less of the really intense strength stuff. I say less, I mean 'rest more'.

Having an interest like climbing is a non-paleo complication but the aim of splitting pulling/climbing muscles and exercises (apart from levers and rows), from all other exercise has promise. It does appear that lever and planche progress has stalled. I still need to experiment a bit more.

Greater 'distance' between workouts certainly raises my appetite to train hard.

Hope your Thursday session is a productive one!

Methuselah said...

Thanks! I am finding BBS fascinating. A bit overly technical in places but revelatory in its bottom line. Only on chapter 2 so far. Challenge is going to be finding a happy medium between what we enjoy and what is optimal.