Friday, 29 May 2009

Double Unders

I have posted extensively about those athletic and acrobatic feats that inspire me; tricking, parkour, breakdancing, along with extreme sports such as BMX and skateboarding. As part of my Lau Gar training we are encouraged to do a lot of skipping/jump rope work (along with endless crunches and press-ups both of which I hold back on), to improve our fitness.

There is no doubt that the jump-rope is an excellent piece of kit, requiring supreme coordination with many skillful variations to the standard 'schoolgirl in a playground' double footed jump. It is low impact and is open to innovation and playful variation.

Pushed upwards of 200 skips per minute, you will find that one minute intervals are VERY demanding. However, you can add intensity by high stepping (raising your legs up until your thighs are parallel with the floor), which is an absolute killer. Alternatively, you could go as far as Buddy Lee. Never heard of him? Well check out this clip where you will see some extreme skipping involving blinding footwork ("I train the way I fought"), rapier coordination and speed.

Now where is my rope.......

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