Saturday, 6 June 2009

Friday Bouldering

Last night I hooked up with a few mates at the local climbing wall. My strength seems to be at its usual level. Even though my climbing volume has dropped off compared to a few years ago, the session-intensity is still there and the strength remains.

I do feel as if my finger strength has plateaued due to the nature of my current training, and I am sure that there is more strength to be had!

The Body By Science concept of time under load (TUL), is applied in climbing under the notion of deadhanging. Armed with a greater understanding of the physiology involved here (and particularly an understanding of 'sequential recruitment' and the durations involved), I am trying to incorporate some of the BBS training patterns to my deadhanging routines.

I feel strong, but am determined to get stronger!

Wild Walking
We have been hit with some really wet weather of late. Although I have been wearing the 5Fingers extensively of late, today's walk in the woods with my kids was done in traditional walking boots.

It would have proved an ideal test for the 5Fingers and of my paleo-credentials, but sadly the body was weak.

I think I will get a second pair to facilitate muddy walking conditions and to corner myself in to taking a more primal approach to such matters.

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