Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tuesday Workout

I went to the gym with an aim of getting around 4 sets of 15 reps with about 4 minutes rest between any one particular exercise. In practice I fell well short of this as I tried to crush everything down in to 30 minutes; 3 sets of 12 or so reps and 5 minutes of rest. Still it felt tough!

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (25 mins)
1a) Sprints (15s:50s x 4)

2a) Agility Figure Eights (2x4 laps between goal posts)

Handstand/walk almost to failure - for fun!

3a) Dumbell Press (10kg, 15, 12, 12)
3b) Tucked Lever (3x20s)
3c) BackBridge (3x20s)
3d) Straddle RLLs (8, 7, 7)
3e) Planche (3x20s)

*PM: I did the following:
1a) MU Pyramid (2, 3, 4)
2b) Laddering/Deadhanging (120s)

As usual I did 3a-3e as a mini-circuit and made three passes through this circuit. I left the gym feeling a bit more exhausted than usual.

I have started to notice a change in my physique. I think I am becoming more defined and I am not sure whether this is due to hypertrophy or fat loss. I am 80kg and my diet remains unchanged. I have been eating a bit less chocolate (the last Easter egg was chomped a fortnight or so ago) and guess I might have turned the paleo screw a bit.

Another change is in the Lau Gar. Last night I was particularly sharp and am not sure if this is due to an improvement in skill or some other factor such as strength or simply motivation. I was fasted (but had had less coffee than normal during the day) - I was still grinding my teeth as usual prior to the session - which usually feels like it helps with the sharpness.

It seems that the emphasis of my fitness-journey has changed a bit of late. At first I was originally aiming to get stronger through my training. But, given the sets and reps structure I use and the number of exercises I use - all of which is squashed in to a 30min period, I am certainly not following 'approved' or optimal ways of achieving this goal.

I am finding that progress is slow with some forms - such as the planche. However I AM progressing. This leads me to appreciate what I am achieving. I can see physical improvement and I do feel 'broadly' stronger - but I am becoming increasingly disinclined to stick to a rep and set scheme for any length of time, not to stick to only a few exercises.

Effectively, if I am nailing exercises that basically cover those same muscles targeted during a press up, pull up, military press, row and sprinting, then I am happy that I am hitting those areas of my body for broad-spectrum upper-body strength.

Generalisation is becoming increasingly important to me; drawing me in. I am not sure where this will go but it is a path I am happy to follow. Motivation is high. Through density and load I am maintaining intensity. There is progress.

I have listed different 'flavours' of my routines to the right of this page (currently numbered 1 to 8). I do want to focus more on handstands, planches and levers short term, but reckon I can come up with a few more productive flavours and simply cycle through them.

It is all a bit chaotic and random - but this feels good.

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