Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Year One

Oh my god! Baise Moi. Abandon hope all ye! Jack Black's latest movie has a paleo/hunter gatherer theme. Paleo people, prepare to be ridiculed by Joebese Public and carbophiles everywhere!

Year One is the name of the film and judging by some of the physiques in it, will give the paleo nay-sayers their most robust evidence yet that the paleo diet cannot and simply does not work.


Methuselah said...

Saw a trailer for year one the other day. looks bizarre. Starts off paleo then goes Roman. Seem to have their eras mixed up a little. As an aside, we watched 'The Hangover'. Truly a great film. *****

Asclepius said...

I managed to get the kids off HSM and in to Tenacious D and "The Greatest Song in the World (Tribute)". The video to this song massively entertains my kids so by way of a small token of repayment, I will reserve judgement on 'Year One' and its mixing of genre/crimes against time!

Will check out 'The Hangover'!