Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Stactic Dynamic Protocol

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (30 mins)
1a) Chair Sit (60s) to Pillar Jumps (3x10)
1b) Handstand (60s) to Alternate One Arm Medicine Ball Throws (3x10)

2a) Lever (15s) to Rows (3x10)
2b) Planche (15s)
2c) RLLs (3x5)
2d) Kneel Backs (60s)

I cycled through each group of exercises three times. Rest times between each set of a particular exercise was up around four minutes. The idea was to perform a static/isometric exercise followed by a dynamic exercise.

The AOAMBTs were with quite a light medicine ball (2kg), but after a minute in a handstand position (I don't recall holding 3 sets of one minute holds before), the weight seemed heavy enough - particularly on the last set. Weight is less important than trying to really throw the ball high - and consistently so!

I could have followed the planche with press ups - but I did press ups in Lau Gar last night, so cut myself some slack. The lower back endured a static stimulus from the planche. The RLLs were slow and controlled.

As always, the end of a set, and the end reps of the last set are where things really got tough. I really enjoyed this workout. I left the gym with gas in the tank. I have to say that although I finished the workout some time ago (3hours), I can certainly feel it. It was sunny with a fresh breeze outside - just right to arouse ones motivation.

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