Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Soya Good. Soya Bad

Given the last post, I couldn't resist this.

MSN listed their Foods to Make You Beautiful. If you take a quick look you will see the list is entirely paleo by nature (eggs, oily fish, green leafy vegetables, water, berries etc...).

This article has a companion The Ugly Truth About Bad Nutrition (i.e. Foods to Make You Ugly). Again we have the usual suspects - sugary pop, sweets with various additives and other processed goods. Also in the list is soya.

Soya Baaaaad
MSN note that although it was once considered a super-food:
  • "soya could in fact pose a serious health risk. Research in Japan (a country which should know a thing or too about soya) suggests that high levels of soy-based products can play havoc with your thyroid gland, leading to major weight gain and fatigue. Soya apparently blocks the uptake of the chemical iodine, which keeps your thyroid healthy. And it is not as easy to avoid as you would think; it is estimated that soya is found in 60% of processed foods, including breakfast cereals, cheese, cakes, noodles, soups, and sandwich spreads. Experts recommend limiting intake and eating natural, unprocessed foods to avoid any problems."

Now if you go to the bottom of this article you will see a second link to 30 Foods Women Should Try Before They're 30.

Soya Goooood
So....erm no prizes for guessing which 'Food Which Makes You Ugly' we find under the listing of '30 Foods Women Should Try Before They're 30? Go on take a guess! Go on, go on, go on!:

  • "A mature version of edamame, soya beans can be found in many different foods, especially as a substitute for dairy. They are very high in essential amino acids, which makes them a complete source of protein."

I am guessing you are NOT psychic! Your paleo compass will not lead you to soya.

Is it any wonder that the general population are so confused about diet an exercise? There is a general apathy about these subjects because people are suffering from nutrition fatigue and exercise information overload. They are burnt out my the conflicting messages they read on the Internet, hear on the radio, see on TV or read in the papers.

I rejected these sources for my exercise and nutritional guidance several years ago. I latched quickly on to what paleo was or 'might' be. I experimented around my understanding of it. It has brought me a lean and athletic physique. I eat as much as I want, when I want. It really is that simple.

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