Sunday, 10 May 2009

"Sugar is Genuinely Not Harmful"

I picked up this link from Mark's Daily Apple. It turns out that fat causes obesity and sugar wouldn't (sic)!

Frosties is "a great cereal for after sports or before you go to the gym". Furthermore, "there isn't a relationship with obesity of sugar itself (sic)".

In the filem they talk about measures of ONE bowl of cereal - but c'mon, have you seen the size of a recommended portion of cereal? How often do you see children eating more than one bowl? Clearly moderating calories in expending more calories than you eat IS the way to an strong, athletic physique 'coz this video says so and has doctors in it and everything.

Apparently we should aim for no more than 17g of sugar (NOT sugars) for the whole breakfast! In fact I am not sure they actually say that sugary cereal is good for you, with a bit of sophistry they emphasise the importance of breakfast as a meal.

The take home message is that "sugar is genuinely not harmful".

Fucking unbelievable.

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