Friday, 8 May 2009

Friday Dynamic

As I am training twice in a week, I intended for this workout to be lighter than usual. It sticks with a RM60% but in it, I didn't work too deeply in to the lactic.

I split these movements into 2 mini-groups, which in retrospect I should not really have done. But it was raining outside and the gym was reasonably busy so I had to adapt for space.

The aim was 4 sets of 15 reps. As usual, last reps of the last set or two should provide the money-shot. Each circuit should take around 3 minutes, but you can rest until 5mins has passed from the first rep of an exercise until the first rep of the following set.

Warm Up (5 mins)
Main (30 Mins)
1a) Alternate One-Arm Dumbell Snatch (14kg 4x15)
1b) Frog Planche (4x15s)

2a) Back Bridge (3x15s)
2b) Walking on Hands (3x'for time')
2c) Rows (3x15)
2d) Tuck Lever (3x15s)

I hit four reps of the first pairing but only three reps of the second as fatigue set in. The rows were changed from a Smith Machine to One Arm Dumbell Rows as fatigue demanded!

Snatches made another appearance due to adverse weather. I kind of like throwing weights up in to the air. It is important to maintain the drive through the heels and let the legs do the work. Also important is to lower the weight under control.

The rows and snatches were done with dynamic flair on the concentric phase. The hand walks involved rapid changes of hands (like little steps).

Fatigue and exercise-order coupled with the my intention of a 'lighter' session meant that I did more than anticipated in terms of time and less sets than I wanted. But my goal is always to make it intense and get out of the gym in around 30 minutes, which I achieved.


Methuselah said...

How do you go about walking on your hands? I am assuming you get into the handstand position against the wall, then 'walk' away from it. Or are you now able to press into a handstand from a free headstand in the middle of the floor? If so, kudos! I am down to 2 20kg plates under my head for a couple of handstand reps, but hoping to get down to a full handstand in the next 6 months. Then it's time to see if I can get from a headstand to a handstand!

Asclepius said...

I just 'flip' up to free-standing handstand from a standing position. I find it quite hard to hold the a static position and it is generally much easier to walk around on the hands.

I try to maintain a handstand and 'march on the spot' - but this is difficult.

I have not tried pushing up from a free-standing headstand to 'walking on hands', but now you mention it, this would be an excellent goal for the coming months!

Glad to see you are down to two 20kg plates!