Saturday, 23 May 2009


It is not often I get to use the word 'fuckwittery', but anyone subscribing to Bet Dieting is indeed guilty of 'fuckwittery'. The BBC brought this to my attention here, and, having checked it wasn't early April, continued to read how some people have found yet another way to fleece the obese of their cash.

I still doubt the authenticity of the story. Surely nobody could be so dim as to gamble their health with REAL money. I mean marathon running, smoking and vegetarianism are arguably forms of gambling which cost money - but with a feelgood kickback. Joining a gym also involves a loss of cash but with less of a feeling of pleasure (unless some dude in tight shorts barking at you over some dance music to pedal harder on a stationary bike inside a sweaty gym floats your boat).

However, the elevation of something as critical as achieving fat loss to be reduced to such a simple fiscal transaction as betting really does take the cake. The smart ones will go paleo and clean up. If they are really smart, they will stay paleo and achieve a life-affecting change. Unfortunately most will probably go on a low fat, calorie restricted diet; injure their health and get fat as soon as they can get out of this Faustian Pact.

Baise Moi!

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