Sunday, 24 May 2009


The Tricks Tutorials site was recommended to me several years ago. It was a tutorial on this site that got me to do my first backflip. In fact he has loads of cool tutorials if you're interested.

I had not visited it for some time but came across this video produced by the guys who run the site (Juji & Antoine). It is a pretty awesome example of flexibility, explosive power and kinaesthetic awareness.

It is great how acrobatics has infiltrated/morphed to Parkour, Tumbling, Extreme Martial Arts, Breakdancing etc... If you take a look at the Dew Tour you'll see these same elements in Skiing, Snowboarding, BMXing, MotorCross, Skateboarding amongst others. Not only are some of these pursuits extremely funcional but they also embrace play and fun.

While I am at it, Methuselah sent me a link last week featuring Damien Walters (I think it was the 06 or 07 Showreel). I have seen this guy Tumbling before, and it really is worth checking out some of this footage (all available on his MySpace page). It is to hard to pick a favourite showreel or move - and I recommend you look at all the stuff on his site. The guy has a serious hustle.


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