Tuesday, 21 August 2012

RPT Wk1 W/O2

Onwards with the RPT gig.  I need to flesh out the weights and reps - so those below are for guidance only.  I will get my baseline established on the job!

Rests will be 2-3 minutes between sets.

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Main (35 minutes)
1. Handstand (air squats + side lunges, one legged floor touches + front lunges, front/side/turning kicks)
2. Pistols (6x60kg, 8x55kg, 10x50kg)
3. OACs (6x60kg, 8x50kg, 8/10x40kg)

Forearm and Wrist Prehabilitation
4. Golfers Elbow Drumstick Rotation (10)
5. Wrist Push Ups (10)
6. Reverse Wrist Curl (10)

Weight : 80kg* (I lost 4 kilos whilst on holiday in France for a fortnight)
Wow.  Can't believe I lost so much weight in a fortnight.  I think it was fat rather than muscle, and it certainly wasn't intentional.  (I'd need to repeat a 531 to establish this.)

Handstands were a mixed bag.  I threw some at Lau Gar last night and they were ok.  I did four today but only 2:4 and 4:4 were sweet (20s+ static).

The pistols were a breeze.  Reckon I can up the reps by one or two in each set.  I didn't push it today as it was my first day back in the Iron Temple.  My weight loss (down from about 84kg +/-1kg) meant I had to recalculate weights (the figures above are working weights rather than where to locate the weight pin on the machine).

The chins were ambitious.  As with the pistols, I had to recalculate machine numbers due to my weight loss.  The last rep of each set was a killer.  Only just made each one of the first two sets and was two reps short on the last weight.  I will repeat these weights (my personal weight notwithstanding), next week and see if I can progress.

Good sesh.  Now for some spuds!

*I did the Frenchio diet - Lots of cheese, red wine, French loaf (!), cold meats and swimming/sunbathing

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