Sunday, 19 August 2012

RPT Wk1 W/O1

Back from a fortnight in France.  Paleo got dumped for lots of fresh French loaf, cheese and red wine.  All with no fasting!  Now I'm back I need to turn the paleo screw a bit.  I think I've lost a bit of cut.

I am going to follow an RPT gig for my weekday workouts.  My weekend workout is a bit more free form as it has more of a bodyweight edge to it.

Warm Up (5 minutes)
Main (30 minutes).
1. Stairgators (1)
2. Planche Variations (25s, 25s, 25s)
3. Barefoot Sprinting (1x10s, 1x10s, 1x10s)
4i. Rope Climb (1)
4ii. MU to Ring Routine (1, 1).
5. Scissor Splits (3x '2L, 2R, 2C') 
6. Weighted Barefoot Kill Carry (1)

The stairgators were solid, as were the tuck planches.  I need to work on a new planche variation.  Sprints felt quick and light.  The  rope climbing was solid - same for the ring work.

I've lost some flexibility in my legs and so the splits work was limited in ROM.  I went for a BBS gig with slow and long movements under tension.

One good event from this weekend is that having returned home and completed a load of gardening, I built up confidence to have a go at a backflip on the trampoline.  I've not thrown one for the best part of a year and so I have once again had the fear.  Throwing a flip on the 8ft took a LOT of conviction, but in retrospect, was technically easy and now I know I can do it, I can now work on my technique.  I hope to throw flips ground to ground shortly.

One advantage of a blog is that you can re-read posts and see clues to how you have ended up where you are.  The Fear seems to have begun its growth on 28th June 2011 on the back of some fatigue.  Can't believe I have not backflipped for over a year!

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