Tuesday, 28 August 2012

CHO Superfood!

I've spent the past week looking at my diet from the perspective of macro nutrients.  I was delighted to find that my weekly consumption of an average Ox Tongue (560g when cooked and peeled), pans out as follows:

Calories = 2436
P = 118g
CHO = 2g
Fat = 116g

That opened my eyes.  I then went on to look at my other big love, black pudding (33g):

Calories = 1247
P = 68g
CHO = 4g
Fat = 114g

Man - these are eye watering figures!  Even paleo uber-good food like liver, seems to pack in the calories in a scant 300g serving (chicken livers have much less fat than beef liver, around 2g vs 17g respectively).

I don't measure any of my food stuff but since coming back off holiday a fortnight ago I wondered if I could mix the Leangains gig in to my paleo approach - specifically with regard to macro nutrient cycling, in an attempt to get stronger.  I already fast and since finding the Leangains site, have formalised things in to a standard 16/8 template (which has successfully kept me at around 10%BF for the past 4 or so years).  No counting nor measuring.  But with a tweak of the macros I figured I may get a boost.

The problem has been how to eat real food and hit those macros?  It is hard with 'real food' to keep your ratio of fat and carbohydrate in particular, on target.  Heck, even the protein levels are tough - unless you are a big fan of tuna.  All the while I just want to 'eyeball' food and simply trying to eat particular fruit/veggies on a particular day (avocado and nuts on a HF day, and, apples, beetroot, carrots and spuds on a HC day), only get you so far.

On training days I need to eat up to 400g of CHO - and that is one hell of a lot of sweet potato.  Then the answer hit me.  Cook your fruit.  Take banana for example.  Here is the profile for a raw banana (100g):

Calories = 89
P =1.09g
CHO = 22.84g
Fat = 0.33g

Now once you cook it, check out the carbohydrate boost (and modest increase in protein):

Calories = 127
P =1.22g
CHO = 32.64g
Fat = 0.37g

You can pull the same trick with apple which raw, looks like this:

Calories = 52
P =0.26g
CHO = 13.81g
Fat = 0.17g

Baked, 100g of apple pans out as follows:

Calories = 95
P =0.25g
CHO = 24.81g
Fat = 0.16g

I think that even 30BAD would give this the thumbs up! 

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